Twisted Throttle DrySpec D38 Rigid Bag Review

As I mentioned several weeks ago, Matt purchased a motorcycle. He commutes to work in Fredericksburg and wanted to cut down on the cost of gas. One of his recent purchases was a Twisted Throttle DrySpec D38 Rigid bag. It was larger than he originally expected once it arrived. He had looked at photos and videos online to get an idea of its size before making a purchase. The bag measures 13″ wide x 9″ tall x 22″ long. However, the size is perfect for his entire lunchbox and any small items he may need to take to work. If he picks up a few groceries on the way home, he’ll have room.

This is how the Twisted Throttle bag appears empty. You can see that it keeps its shape even when you have nothing stored inside.

Twisted Throttle Motorcycle Bag

Twisted Throttle DrySpec Bag

The bag has a top that rolls up, making it waterproof. The bag comes with 4 straps that include a slip-lock feature. Matt had it installed on his bike within a few minutes. When he parks his bike, he can detach the bag and take it inside. The company logo on the side is reflective.


Rather than use a crushed soda can to prevent the stand from sinking, you can purchase a Twisted Throttle plastic coaster.

Twisted Throttle Coaster

If you would like to learn more about Twisted Throttle, you can visit their website at

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