Trudeau Stress Less Kitchen Tools Review

Our Virginia Home is delighted to introduce you to Stress Less™ kitchen tools by Trudeau. The Stress Less™ line is designed for anyone that may have dexterity problems with their hands or arthritis.

Basic tasks in the kitchen such as opening a can or slicing a pizza are sometimes uncomfortable for Matt and I. A few years ago, Matt injured his hand when he used it to catch his weight during a fall off a mountain bike. Most activities that require him to rotate his thumb are painful. I have problems with carpal tunnel syndrome and slight joint pain.

I want my kitchen tools to be quick to clean and if possible, dishwasher safe. After all, even if a tool is easy to use for a job, if it’s difficult to clean and maintain, it defeats the purpose of being advertised as stress less.

So I put the Stress Less™ product line to the test.

Stress Less Easy Grind Salt and Pepper Mills – $34.99

Using a carbon steel grinder and ergonomic handle, the Stress Less Easy Grind Salt Mill makes grinding salt a non-messy task. The clear body makes it easy to see how much salt is left. The grinding only produces a minimal sound. The salt stays contained in the grinder when not in use. With a sleek and contemporary look, I wouldn’t mind leaving this out as part of my kitchen decor.

Trudeau Salt Grinder

Stress Less Garlic Press – $19.99

Just place a small piece of garlic in the chamber, place the Stress Less Garlic Press on a counter, and use your body weight to press the garlic. The garlic press stayed in place as I pushed down on the handle. Most of the leftover garlic will rinse clean from the chamber. The holes are the perfect size for a toothpick should any stubborn pieces stay behind. It is also dishwasher safe.

Garlic Press by Trudeau


Stress Less Pizza Cutter – $12.99

Featuring a large stainless steel cutting wheel and ergonomic handle, the Stress Less Pizza Cutter makes slicing pizza effortless.

You can see in the photo below that the Stress Less Pizza Cutter is designed to make cleaning easy. By turning the cutter handle upside down and firmly pressing the wheel onto a durable surface, the wheel will detach from the handle. Just apply firm pressure on the wheel to snap it back into place after cleaning.

Pizza Cutter Wheel

Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater – $19.99

Using a stainless steel grating drum and cast iron handle, the Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater makes grating cheese and chocolate quick and easy. Rather than risk skinning your fingers on a traditional grater, cheese falls down from the grater as you rotate the handle. To disassemble the grater for cleaning, just place your fingers on the inside of the drum and turn the handle counter-clockwise. The handle will twist up as it releases the drum.


Stress Less Safety Can Opener – $19.99

Especially with can openers that have metal handles, it can be quite difficult to manage opening a can. The Stress Less Safety Can Opener has wide plastic handles that are easy to grip in one hand as the crank arm is rotated with the other hand. Instead of exposing contents of the can to the cutting tool, cuts are made on the side of the can. Small pliers are located on the side of the can opener to allow the can lid to be removed without touching the food. Very little effort is required to open cans, making it a great tool for anyone with weak wrists.

Because the cut was so clean and had no visible metal shavings, I didn’t realize the can was already completely open until I tried to pop the lid off.

Trudeau Can Opener

The Stress Less™ product line will also include the Stress Less Automatic Lever Corkscrew in the near future.

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Our Virginia Home received the above mentioned products for the purpose of a review. However, only our honest opinions were expressed.

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