Angela’s Garden Heavy Duty Gloves # 7105 Giveaway

Avid gardeners know how important it is to have a heavy duty pair of gloves. Especially when handling plants that can easily scrape or poke your skin, it’s essential to have protection provided by the gloves you choose. For many women, it can be difficult to find a pair of gloves that fit just right, look beautiful, and also stand up to the battering caused by working in the garden.

Angelas Garden Willow Heavy Duty GlovesAngela’s Garden is offering readers of Our Virginia Home a pair of Heavy Duty Gloves (Item # 7105). The winner will receive a pair in the color willow and the size of her choice. The gloves have reinforced fingertips and padded palms. Wrists are protected by an extra long gauntlet. Materials used are SPF protected so the color will stay vibrant with long-term use.

In addition to designing charming gloves, Angela’s Garden also offers hats, aprons, and other gardening accessories. Many of the items compliment each other and would work nicely as a gift set. They provides gloves for men and a line of gardening accessories for children.

Angela Garden AccessoriesBetween June 1 to June 21st, you can enter for your chance to win a pair of Heavy Duty Gloves from Angela’s Garden.

US Only, 18+

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  1. Stacey B says

    I will use them for my new garden I’m in the process of starting. Laying the soil and planting plants this weekend!

  2. Regina says

    Tip: we are trying to garden “organic” this year and after watering our green been plants, we sprinkled the leaves (while still wet) with garlic powder. So far, the leaves are beautiful and no bugs have wanted to eat garlic…
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  3. Teh Doll says

    Hoestly I would give them to my mother inlaw. She has a gorgeous yard to tend to. I have not even started mine.


  4. Jennifer says

    Oops, forgot to say what I would do with them. We have a permacultue homestead, so there are endless tasks to be done. I often find myself wishing I had a pair that aren’t my husbands.

  5. Kelly D says

    I am going to be planting more Junipers on my front hill & they can be prickly. These would help.

  6. Judy B. says

    I would be preparing pots and planting flowers/veggies in them. Thanks for the giveaway. These look like mighty nice gloves.

  7. Judy B. says

    I lived in the Lynchburg, VA area for several years and got a lot of pleasure out of naturalistic plantings at the edge of a small wooded area (like lady slippers, trilliums…). I also picked lots of blackberries in season for lots of almost free desserts.

  8. says

    We live on a farm so glove are always in need. I garden as well but have a tendency to work in my bare hands so I can feel the soil.
    Thank you!

  9. Jennie says

    We’re moving to a new house with no garden and no flower beds, but I plan on changing that ASAP! But that means lots of hard work coming…

  10. Jennie says

    My favorite gardening tip is to sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the soil to repel cats, ants, mold, and probably lots more things!

  11. Angela Ayaz says

    Tip: Get the kids involved – gardening includes science, math, reading (seed packets), critical thinking, and PE.

  12. jacie w says

    I do a lot of vegetable gardening….
    my tip would be that take the time putting seeds like radish, lettuce, carrot in where they have enough space. Even though that takes a lot of time initially, it will make up for it when you no longer have to thin.

  13. Ashley says

    My frugal gardening tip is to start seedlings indoors before planting time. It’s a lot cheaper to grow from seed.

  14. Laura Jacobson says

    I am new too so I am going to keep reading everyones tips! I did learn last year…that they are not as thirsty as I think they are!!! I always seem to over water. So, I will not water as much! And…will keep pulling those darn weeds as fast as they come up!

  15. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    I’d use them for pruning my roses and cutting out, and down, the impossible-to-get-rid-of blackberry bushes!

  16. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    My only tip is for the frugal minded. Don’t buy perennial plants… grow them from seed instead. You’ll have a much wider selection to choose from and it will much cheaper than buying them. Grown from seed most don’t flower for the first year or two, so if you want immediate colour either buy annuals or grow those from seed too. In the end you will save quite a bit and growing from seed is much easier than a lot of people think. Books, or an experienced gardner, can tell you the easiest seeds to grow in your area.

  17. Margot C says

    I think that longer cuff would make this glove ideal for harvesting my bounteous zucchini crop (growing on less that four square feet in my back yard garden). those plants are prickly!

  18. Margot C says

    I compost and it’s not hard, time consuming or gross; so consider that. That stuff is gold.

    Long ago someone taught me that there were three things that can go straight in the ground (scratched into the topsoil) without composting.

    The first two are often compost pile ingredients: coffee grounds and diced banana peels (I do mean diced, small). There is so much coffee consumed around here and so many bananas that I have a steady supply; if not Starbucks locations often have programs where they will give you grounds for your garden, The banana peels are practically pure potassium, roses particularly go nuts for this.

    The last ingredient doesn’t belong on the compost pile in the first place and does take a little effort. Ground egg shells; sounds easy, but I have found that I have to remove the membrane inside the shell (peel it out, some kids love doing this), then dry the shells, then crush them to about the consistency of cat litter. We tend to have the shells in little bowls drying out on the sill all of the time. This crushed matter you just scatter around the bases of the plants (vegetable plants love this, roes gain too).

    One last thing, Epsom Salts! Just dilute it and pour:

  19. Sheila Foley says

    Down here in Fl, between the itchy sap and the sharp spines, heavy duty gloves are a must!


  20. Sheila Foley says

    The tip I was once given, which has made gardening life easier is to fun my fingernails through a cake of soap before I head outside…makes cleanup soooo much easier!


  21. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I would be able to use them during church service projects that help are older members and older people in the community clean up their yards in the spring and fall. I also would use them when I go hiking.

  22. Stephanie Hungerford says

    When you plant your seeds instead of just using water get a cheap can of beer mix with 1 cup sugar in 3-5 gallons of water. The Beer introduces yeast to your soil and this helps improved nutrience to your new seedlings. The sugar will just help them grow faster during that seedling phase. PBS has so great shows on frugal and practical gardening tips.

  23. Linda says

    I would be giving them to my mom so she can use them for whatever she needs with her garden. teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com.

  24. Missy L says

    I think my downfall in not having a green thumb is over-watering because I’ve let it get too dry. So my tip is don’t over-water lol

  25. Patty says

    Since these gloves are padded they would be good to use when I am stacking wood. They would prevent me from getting slivers and scratched.

  26. Patty says

    Had fun reading the other tips. My tip is that one zuchinni plant is probably enough to feed you and all your neighbors:)

    Strawberries are easy to grow. And so yummy to harvest!

  27. Mandy Blank says

    My gardening tip is make sure you use the best quality soil you can get your hands on. It makes all the difference!

  28. Mandy Blank says

    I want to plant some flowers in our front bed. We’ve lived here five years and we are just starting to get around to landscaping!

  29. Tanya Serrao says

    I would definitely use them in our garden. We just harvested the most beautiful purple peppers today!

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