Got the Seed Potatoes Planted Today

Last week, Matt’s dad fixed the tiller and even tilled the garden while Matt was at work. He also helped us by spreading cow manure in the garden. Last year my garden completely failed and it was partially due to the fact that I had poor soil. A BIG thank you to him for all of his help! He has been very patient with me because I am definitely a gardening newbie.

We have squash, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, cantaloupe, peppers, potatoes, and corn planted in the garden. I plan to have cabbage, lettuce, and other greens in containers.

Planting Seed Potatoes

I was left with an assignment to plant the rest of the potatoes and start the corn. We’ve had a lot of rain over the last few days, so I wish that I had completed this task on Sunday when we had sun. If you would like more information on growing potatoes, you can read the Potato Growing Guide.


Oh, I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to having tomatoes. This is by far the best part of having a garden! We have 4 big plants right now. I’m not too sure that my 9 little tomato plants are going to make it because they may have been planted too early. They are so little and fragile. However, I recently learned that I can make more tomato plants by pulling off the suckers from larger plants. I guess some people prefer not to do this, but in our case, we want the plants to be thinned down a little.

The garden was very muddy today. Last year I made a pair of my slip-on shoes into gardening shoes. They are a nice shade of red right now. However, I had the bright idea to wear my regular shoes into the garden because they were already dirty from the day we spread the cow manure. I think I just made myself a second pair of garden only shoes…

Mud on Shoes

From the garden, I can see my cat Dubie watching from our basement door and desperately wanting to come outside and investigate the outdoors. He was very upset with me when I kept looking at him and waving as I worked. Poor guy. You can see that his facial expression shows he was not pleased!

Dubie at Basement Door

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