GIANTmicrobes Superbug Invades Our Virginia Home

After spending many hours in a microbiology lab in college – an activity I very much enjoyed and look back on fondly -I was able to accurately identify parasite eggs, fungi, and much more through a microscope.

One of the labs consisted of swabbing the nose of our lab partner and inoculating a petri dish to determine if he or she was a carrier of Staphylococcus aureus. S. aureus can cause mild skin irritations and more serious illnesses such as Toxic Shock Syndrome and inflammation of the heart. If you’re wondering, I don’t actually know if I’m a carrier because my lab partner eagerly volunteered her nose for this lab exercise.

There was one Gram-positive strain of Staphylococcus aureus that I knew I would never want to encounter. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or more commonly referred to as MRSA.

However, Matt has not been as fortunate and encountered firsthand what it’s like to battle an antibiotic resistant bacterium. A few years ago, while enlisted in the Marines, Matt discovered a small red spot on his arm. As the spot turned into what appeared to be the first stages of septicemia, Matt continued to work with military doctors to treat his arm. Nothing was working and he was due to ship out of the country soon. Although incredibly ill, Matt still shipped out to Japan on his scheduled date and continued treatment with doctors at his new base. I’ll spare you the details of his arm’s condition. As one of the last resorts, he was given Rifampin. The drug made him incredibly sick, but with no other choices available, it was his only option.

Today he likes to tell people the story – complete with gross details – about his encounter with MRSA. When I learned that a company called GIANTmicrobes carries a plush MRSA doll, I knew it would be a perfect gift for Matt.

Many of the microbes are available in a range of sizes: 5″-7″, 15″-20″ or mini. I requested the 5″-7″ plush doll for Matt.

MRSA Giantmicrobe

The MRSA plush microbe came with a description card that explained what MRSA is and had a cute tagline, “So be a superhero: stay clean and follow your doctor’s orders.”  This life-threatening “superbug” looks pretty cute as a plush doll, doesn’t he?

GiantMicrobe MRSA

Some of the GIANTmicrobes Originals include the microscopic aquatic organism Rotifer, the allergy Hay Fever, and Tick. You can easily navigate their site to locate the microbe of your choice by a common name, scientific name, or category.

If you’re looking for a graduation gift, the plush neuron Brain Cell or the Graduation Brain Cell Musical Doll are available for purchase. The musical doll plays Pomp and Circumstance. Their products would also be useful for explaining the microbial world to children. An entire line of merchandise including Christmas ornaments, mugs, and microbe dolls that make sound are also available for purchase.

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I received the GIANTmicrobes Originals plush doll for the purpose of a review. However, my honest opinion was expressed.

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  1. leah says

    I would use them to explain to my brothers how they are highly contagious and despite how cute they are in giant microbe form they are not fun to deal with

  2. Kylie C says

    I love the Chickpox, I have little ones just the age to catch it and it would help explaining the virus.

  3. Tami L says

    My friend had MRSA (she’s just fine now) and now it’s a running joke- I’d love to give that one to her! haha

  4. Wendy says

    I’d use it as a conversation piece for kids to understand the disease which I have – pernicious anemia…and before I was correctly diagnosed, my red blood cells were unable to carry enough oxygen to my heart, muscles and other tissues.

  5. Norleans says

    Adorable. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d let my mom pick but I’m leaning towards the Chickpox or Mono.

  6. Norleans says

    My mom’s a teacher so she would use this doll to have fun and let kids know the ugly side of these organisms too!

  7. says

    I would pick the mono…I would use the GIANTmicrobes to explain the germs and possible virus’s to my Autistic students and why they shouldn’t put things or dirty hands in their mouths,share cups or kiss each other.

  8. Shannon R says

    I’d use it to educated kids because they can’t “see” diseases so this shows them what a disease actually looks like so they know why the need to wash their hands

  9. Briana Floor says

    Children most commonly learn through interactive play. GIANTmicrobes (especially the brain cell which I would love) would help my daughter visualize some of the cells of the human anatomy better than books. Joining up one or more of the brain cells and playing with her hand being the “thought impulses” jumping from cell to cell will help her visualize more how a through “runs through your mind.”

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