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Enter for Your Chance to Win a Daypack from ChicoBag

The giveaway item from Our Virginia Home will be a DayPack15 rePETe™ from When visiting their website, look for the rePETe™ label to identify items made from recycled materials.

Daypack15The ChicoBag Company designs reusable bags, packs, and totes that can be used in place of plastic bags. Made of recycled PET ripstop fabric, the DayPack15 provides a durable and lightweight solution for transporting items when traveling or commuting. It has adjustable shoulder straps and an attached pocket that also serves as a storage pouch for the pack.

One of the neat features of the DayPack15 is the closure system. You do not have to worry about hands slipping into your bag and taking valuables. You can rest assured that nothing will fall out of your pack. If you need some extra room, there are also flexible pockets on the side.

If you would like to learn about how plastic is impacting our environment – specifically the Pacific Ocean – please watch the video “Pacific Garbage Dump.”


Our Virginia Home has a DayPack15 on its way to us. Look for our review in the next few days. We want to share the vision of ChicoBag founder and inventor, Andy Keller, by limiting the amount of plastic bags we use.

For your chance to win a DayPack15, please use the Rafflecopter form below. Only the first two entries are mandatory while the rest will count as additional entries. The giveaway will run from 12:01am June 1st to 11:59pm June 15th. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    I think we go through a lot less than most families because we are avid green bag shoppers…
    I 9would personally be willing to go up to the manager and ask if he/she would be willing to have their store participate in that sort of thing “)

  2. Regina says

    Wow…I don’t know how to guess on that one…never thought about it…probably 1000 or so???
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  3. Regina says

    yes, I would consider the discount. Every little bit of money saved is just that…saved!!
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  4. hayley says

    yes! wow i have never heard of getting a discount for using them! that is definetly more of an incentive to use them more

  5. hayley says

    i learned there is 3 1/2 million tons of junk and half is junk in the ocean in one spot! ive never heard of a place like that

  6. ColleenMarie82 says

    Yes, I would I love saving money and this might encourage me to remember to use the reusable bags more often/

  7. Leslie Galloway says

    I probably wouldn’t be comfortable asking them to do that, but I do appreciate stores who do offer it as a perk. I’m pretty shy, and it would be hard for me to ask something like that.

  8. Brooke M Adametz says

    Hmmm I’d be willing to bet the number is at least 300. I usually shop at grocery stores that don’t provide bags, and the one grocery store I go to that does provide bags already gives a discount for reusable bags. Grocery stores are doing pretty well with this, its the other retail stores that need to get on the ball. I’d be willing to ask small local stores because they have less red tape when it comes to offering discounts like that!

  9. kelly says

    Counting all stores, I’d say like 700. I tell them I don’t need one when I only have a few things or less.

  10. Kelly A. Tanner says

    Yes, I would ask the store manager about the bag discount idea. Kroger does seem to encourage bringing your own reusable bags.

  11. Judy B. says

    I’ve never really thought about how many but at say 4 a week, it would have to be in excess of 200.

  12. Judy B. says

    Just watched the video and was shocked and disgusted. I may speak to my grocery store after all. I knew shopping bags were causing some problems in the oceans but I did not realize the extent or about what all the other plastics were doing. I am certainly going to be using reusable bags from now on for my shopping. When I can afford it I will be buying items not packaged in plastic.

  13. scottsgal says

    our store is a big chain so doubtful they would give incentives – they’re all about $$ themselves

  14. scottsgal says

    that ocean garbage is amazing – I’m so glad they’ve gotten strict with cruise ships that used to dump continuously in the oceans

  15. Amy Brewer says

    To be honest, I didn’t know how many I was using till you asked that question…I would say roughly maybe about a little over a 1000 give or take…That sounds like so much..

  16. Amy Brewer says

    Yes, I would probably ask if I remembered to do so…I didn’t know stores did discounts if you bring your own bags. I live in a really small town and they probably don’t do that here but after knowing I use at least a 1000 a year I would think about it.

  17. Amy Brewer says

    ewwww. That video showed me, just like the man said, the ocean is a plastic soup…I don’t like that at all….I can not believe that we don’t take care of things like that…Being from a small town in Ohio, I haven’t even ever been to see the ocean but I am not so for sure I would want to go after watching that video…Disturbing…

  18. Ashley C. says

    Hardly any now! We have been using reusable bags for the past couple years. They have worked wonderfully! We do still use plastic bags for meats and produce ( but those turn into doggie bags or bathroom trash liners)

  19. Melissa B. says

    I have no idea – generally, we try to use reusable bag or paper bags, but I’d still say we probably use at least 50 a year and I’m probably lowballing that.

  20. Melissa B. says

    No need to talk to my store manager to see if my preferred store would do this because it already does :)

  21. jeannine s says

    My family uses about 15-20. I always use reusable bags but fiance doesn’t when he stops at the store

  22. jeannine s says

    Yes I would. I think having a incetive would make more people aware of reusable bags and away to cut down on their costs

  23. MAMOTTS says

    about 20- I use alot of bags, and unless it is something I have to have and they- yes some stores refuse reuseables they do not get my business

  24. Wendy says

    I think only one of our local grocery stores gives a 5cent credit if you bring your own shopping bags. It’s funny how they all sell the reusable bags but don’t give a perk for using them. I’ve also noticed that the baggers don’t really know how to fill the reusable bags, it’s like they’re afraid they will be ruined. As for speaking to a store manager, I don’t know.

  25. elven johnson says

    How many plastic shopping bags per year do you think your family uses to carry purchases? We use about 100.

  26. elven johnson says

    I’ve all ready asked & was told He would look into it. I feel like I was just blown off. Most baggers have no idea how to bag with reusable bags.

  27. says

    Usually it’s none since we use reusable bags (I LIVE in Chico, after all!) but occasionally we forget or purposefully get bags since we use them to line the garbage in the bathrooms. So I’d say 50?

  28. Jeanna says

    I would say alot, but my husband is the only one who won’t bring his own bags in! We do reuse those plastic bags as garbage bags though!

  29. Candice Hull says

    I use canvas bags most of the time, but often I get more than I have bags for so I still use about 200 a year or so…ballpark.

  30. Candice Hull says

    The stores I go to participate in giving discounts to shoppers, but if they didn’t, I would probably suggest it. I’m a couponer, so I always talk to the manager when i start shopping at a new store about their policies so that I adhere to them.

  31. laura ari says

    We probaby go through 10 shopping bags per trip x 52 weeks per year, plus probably 2 more during the week…so, we’re looking at probably 624 a year at least.

  32. Kelly Falcone says

    we use reusable bags at the grocery store, although I sometimes for get them so we go through about 100 bags per year

  33. Seyma Shabbir says

    Probably over 300 bags. Yes I would consider talking to a store about giving a discount if I bring my own bag. I know whole foods does. Sometimes I just forget to bring a bag.

  34. Sarah Harding says

    i would talk to store manager about that but they dont even except printed coupons so i dont think they would go for it

  35. Aaiza says

    I would discuss it but not push it because i dont suppose plastic bags are all that expensive that they would consider giving a discount unless the owner appreciates a green lifestyle.I would rather start using my own bag without a discount :)

  36. Tina W says

    We use probably about 75 a year – every now and then there is an impulse buy or we forget our reusable bags.

  37. Tina W says

    I have suggested it to several managers at my local chain (Stater Bros). I think many conventional grocery stores in California are hesitant to start offering that incentive because there is a movement in many counties/cities to ban plastic grocery bags.

  38. Tina W says

    My BF used to live in Hawaii and still has a boat there. It is shocking how much trash you find randomly floating several miles offshore. In one half day fishing trip we netted several large mesh bags full of trash.
    It was in Hawaii that I also learned to always tie knots in my plastic bags — keeps them from blowing away so easily.

  39. Tracie Brown says

    I would LOVE to see stores participate in this, because I am all for saving the planet :) I would not, however, probably ask a store manager to participate, because that is not my personality! I wouldn’t mind emailing a manager though!

  40. Michele Behlen says

    I almost always take my reusable bags with me but use plastic for things like meat and vegetables. That adds up to maybe 2 or 3 a week. Wow! That is still over a hundred a year.

  41. Michele Behlen says

    I know that some of the stores I shop already do. I will consider asking other that I shop all the time. I shop at Aldis every week and the savings you see there includes using your own bags.

  42. Julie Stevens says

    I would estimate that I use just about 10-12 because I carry my own shopping bags. The plastic that does make its way to our house usually gets used as small trash can liners.

  43. Julie Stevens says

    Yes, I would suggest this to store managers! I think I would volunteer my 5yr old as an “artist” to help create a design on their bags, too (if they would want something beyond their own logo) to make it more unique.

  44. Lisa Hackney says

    Considering the size of our family (10) kids… I think I would talk to the store manager about starting the program, if I’m ever at the store without all of the kids hanging off of me telling me they want everything in the store LOL

  45. Eva Biggs says

    I’d say we use about 400. On smaller shopping trips I bring reusable bags. We grocery shop once a month. And other than grocery we don’t really get out much to shop, lol.

  46. Eva Biggs says

    Yes….I love shopping at target because they give a 5cent discount for each reusable bag used. Every little discount helps.

  47. Denise C says

    I would discuss it with a manager because I think it’s a great policy, but both of the places I shop already give discounts for using your own bags.

  48. Gretchen Gerth says

    i would never consider discussing it with a manager, of course I like getting the discounts, but I don’t use canvas bags for the discount. Rather than giving discounts I would prefer stores to charge for plastic bags to discourage their use.

  49. Keely B says

    I would say at least 500 bags a year. We almost always reusable bags for groceries, and then we don’t shop/buy much after that.

  50. Keely B says

    I would discuss with a store manager to see if they would participate, although I believe many stores in my area at this time would be reluctant to give discounts.

  51. Theresa J says

    I don’t think I would discuss it with the manager because I believe the store would already participate if they really cared about the enviroment

  52. Liberty Boblett says

    We do a lot of our shopping at Aldi’s. You have to bring your own bags, or pay for bags at the store. I carry reusable shopping bags in the trunk of my car for when we shop there. If we go to Walmart, it is just easier to use the plastic bags. We then save them up, take them back to Walmart and recycle them.

  53. debbie says

    I would say we use about 200 bags a year. I carry my own bags, but I still ask that all raw meat products be put in store bags.

  54. Missy L says

    My Kroger store used to give 3 cents off for every reusable bag but sadly they discontinued this. It was a corporate decision and I remember people posting how disappointed they were about it on their FB page

  55. Tamar says

    not necessarily because I use these plastic bags as garbage bags and I don’t want to be rid of the ability to get free garbage bags for life :)

  56. Angela W. says

    I do a pretty good job of bringing my own bags to the store. Yes, I occasionally forget to bring them or stop at the store unplanned. I would guess around 150, which I bring back to the store to get recycled.

  57. ACMommy3 says

    Probably at least 100 plastic bags – and I know it was a lot worse. But now we use reusable, except for the rare times we forget. Then when we do end up getting them, we save them to recycle.

  58. ACMommy3 says

    Funny you should ask – I’ve been thinking of asking my most-frequented store about offering a discount per reusable bag (like Target has). Now I guess I just need to do it. 😀

  59. christine jessamine says

    i have thought about using recycled bags, i only have a few, so hoping to collect some more before i start

  60. Myra R says

    we probably use 500+ a year! i know its alot but i reuse them for garbage bags so i dont buy garbage bags i just use those bags so if i did buy garbage bags it would be the equivalent i think to the same amount roughly

  61. Myra R says

    if i wasnt so shy i most defanitly would but i have such bad anxiety i dont think i would ever feel comfortable enough to go talk to them but in another life one where i am not shy i would totaly do it! i think every store should do it its a great way to waste less!

  62. Kiley P. says

    I never heard of stores giving discounts for not using their bags but it does make sense. I would consider talking to the store manager to see if they could do something like that. I think alot of people would be bringing their own bags if that were the case.

  63. Gale Nelson says

    I wouldn’t begin to guess how many we use I am sure it is too many and just about all the stores I shop at let you bring your own bags.

  64. Karen says

    The grocery stores I use already give discounts, so I could talk to the manger to thank them for this talk about ways to promote it.

  65. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    A conservative guess would be 200-250. And that’s mostly my mum who lives with me. I tend to take my own bags if I know I will be shopping.

  66. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    One of the stores I shop at already does this. Cities here in WA are looking are making plastic bags illegal which I absolutely support. It’s the solution I like best because it does not rely on consumers best intentions or choices. I would definitely speak to the manager and suggest implementing the fee for bringing your own bag. Unfortunately one of the biggest offenders is my mum. She refuses to give up the plastic bags and she lives with me. Until I can get her to stop the practice, I feel it would be hypocritical of me to suggest anything to anybody.

  67. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    Unfortunately I knew about this already having read a lot about it and seen a couple documentaries and news videos. The web is a great resource for all types of information. It’s part of the reason I started taking my own bags when shopping, and try to buy products with the least packaging or at least the most environmentally friendly packaging. As I retire things made of plastic I am replacing them where possible with glass and/or metal. I like to think I have cut my plastic footprint quite a bit already though I am far from done. I also point out my friends and family whenever I can the evils of plastic and our oceans and wildlife.

  68. Betty says

    Maybe 3/week – 150
    We were military overseas and started with the reuseable tote bags decades before mainstreamed here in the states. I will put some frozen in plastic before putting it in the bag during extreme heat

  69. Betty says

    NO – I do not bring bags for the 2 cent credit, I bring them for principal.

    Personally I wish they would charge people 5 cents or more for each bag they use and I do suggest that to store mngrs. instead of reimbursing me, charge them for the supplies they are requiring and more people will adopt reuseable alternatives. They also won’t double bag or take extras home to line their trash bin. Same principal as putting .25 coin locks on shopping carts. Most people will put them where they are supposed to just to get that .25 back. Before they would leave them in the middle of the road, propped against other cars or just where ever they finished using them.

  70. Betty says

    Watched the video – it’s so sad.
    they now have compostable clear plastic from plant sources. We need to shift the production so that the convenience that people want and demand do not create such harm to the planet.
    We have drastically reduced our personal purchasing of plastic items.

  71. Sarah says

    Hope I can put all the answers in one comment :)

    1) We probably use around 500 bags I’d guess. Maybe less.
    2) I would definitely ask. I think this is great incentive to use less plastic AND it could be cost efficient, too!
    3) I had no idea how much damage is being done or how the bags basically cycle through the oceans. This is terrible. While we do use plastic bags, we also do use a lot of canvas bags. In the past few years, we cut down on plastic a lot. Also, we don’t throw out our plastic bags often. We recycle them within our home. For example, I bring my lunches to work in the same bag and we use them to carry things from place to place. We also use the plastic bags when cleaning my cat’s litter box. I know we are not perfect and this video makes me want to try to cut down even more, but I am glad my family at least makes attempts to reuse the plastic we do have.

  72. Kat says

    Wow, I’ve no idea, I’ll go with 200. We try to use cloth bags as much as we can. Plastic bags are kind of useful though as trash bags and cat litter bags.

  73. Kat says

    The local stores we use offer a 5c discount for bringing your own bags so we always try and remember to take them along and claim our discounts!

  74. Kat says

    I hate the amount of plastic that goes to waste. I drink tap water rather than bottles and if I have a bottle I try to reuse it as much as I can. I’m from the UK where they sell juice in concentrate form so you only need a small amount in a cup then top it up with water – one small bottle lasts a very long time! I’ve noticed the the US, although there is some concentrate available, juice that comes in bottles is ready to drink which leads to more plastic waste!

  75. Jessica says

    I probably wouldn’t. Not that I don’t care, but it’s more so that I’m extremely shy and don’t want to be a bother to people while they are working.

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