Business Networking Event in Hampton, VA

A fellow Etsy member and small-business owner, Jackie, is organizing a networking party in Hampton, VA. Jackie runs a staging company and works with realtors.

Although the location and exact date are still being arranged, she is looking for about 150 small business owners from various fields. She plans to limit the event to 2 owners per field as to not create too much competition. A light lunch or dinner will be provided and the cost will be $5/person.

This is a great opportunity to explore business opportunities and how your business can work with others based in Virginia. You can exchange information and agree to advertise or promote noncompetitive businesses.

If you would be interested in bartering, this is a good way to exchange products and services with a variety of people. (For example, trade graphic design services for landscaping work on your home or free interior designs services just to gain experience.)

You will also have the opportunity to speak with business professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents.

Handouts on business related issues from start-up to selling your business will be provided. Ask questions and learn from experienced business owners.

Contact Jackie at  nueva_vida04(AT)yahoo(DOT)com if you have questions or would like to participate. Please include your name, type of business, and length of time in business.

More details will be posted as they are available.

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