The Bayou Gardener YouTube Channel

As I continue with learning how to garden, I keep researching about problems that I ran into with my first garden. I came across a channel by Donald of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. His channel, The Bayou Gardener, is professional quality and entertaining. This evening I learned how to install garden netting for beans and how to make and install a tomato cage. His approach is the demonstrate simple methods for starting and maintaining a garden.

If you’re a Zone 8 gardener, he has a planting calendar available on his website. He also has a strong following and active forum on his site that includes everything from additional gardening tips to seed trading.

Bayou Gardener

Visit the Bayou Gardener

Here’s the video I watched about making a tomato cage.


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  1. Mike W Davis says

    I wish I had seen this way back in June, I would have tried to enter that giveaway too.This was interesting,When there is more time today I’m going back to see what else they have

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