Organize Small Bathrooms with Tight Walking Space

After years of living in an apartment, I have learned to organize small bathrooms. In our current home, we have two small bathrooms. Our plan for the near future is that Matt will use the guest bathroom while I use the master bathroom. We have showers and vanity cabinets in both. In the master bathroom, the only available wall to place a storage shelf is right where the vanity door opens. This will require that any storage additions will need to be vertical. We have more flexibility with the guest bathroom as it has more walking space.

Examples of how to organize small bathrooms

In many home furnishing and decorating catalogs, you will see wall ladders. They look nice, but they will require you to use more space than a regular floor shelving unit because they have to be angled from the wall. Depending on the walk space in your bathroom, this may work great.

A ladder will also not provide very much depth on the shelves. An alternative would be to use a narrow bookshelf or etagere with decorative baskets. This would also prevent items from falling on the floor if pushed behind the shelves.


Organize small bathrooms with ladders

Bathroom Wall Ladder


I really like this idea from My Home Ideas using wall hanging baskets. You could even add ribbon to dress it up and match your bathroom colors. If you don’t want to put holes in the wall, you could modify this by using an over the door holder. These would work well for a blow dryer, curling iron, etc. Using baskets is a great way to keep items separated for different family members and also helps to hide things. You may need to modify the depth of the baskets based on how much walking space you have in your bathroom.

Organize small bathrooms with hanging containers

Hanging Wall Baskets

A small cabinet and overhead storage unit would work in the main bathroom. I like how the cabinet just blends right in with the white wall.

Organize with overhead cabinet

Bathroom with Overhead Cabinet

Of course, there is always the option to place an etagere over the toilet. Hate to mention it, but if you do this, make sure items can be easily cleaned. Anything that needs to be kept sanitary should be stored in closed containers. This may work perfectly to organize a small bathroom and you can dress up the etagere by placing decorative baskets on the shelves.

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  1. Mike W Davis says

    I agree the basket idea is a good idea,if little ones could reach them easily without pulling on them, I like the over head cabinet too, that room looks the cleanest, uncluttered to me.

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