Garden trellis ideas for a vegetable garden


Garden trellis ideas may be just what you are looking for if you plan to grow any climbing vegetables such as peas or beans. After making a wimpy bean and pea  trellis last spring, I plan to make something more sturdy and rot-resistant. I wanted to share some of the garden trellis ideas that I came across.

You can change the height and width based on your needs. Before building a trellis, you should check the expected height of any of your climbing vegetables to determine what type of trellis would work best. Determine in advance if you will need to store the trellis indoors during the winter or if you will need to move it throughout the growing season. You may want to consider something smaller if you need to move it. If you are making more than one trellis, keep them spaced adequately so that you can work your garden more easily.

Plants will climb just about anything so you may want to even consider using something that is about to be tossed. This is obviously the most affordable option. The garden trellis ideas listed below use materials that are found easily at most hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive.

Examples of Garden Trellis Ideas

A-Frame Vegetable Trellis


A-frame Vegetable Trillis

Chicken wire is one of the best and most affordable options. It is easier to buy wire that is 6 feet and then you can just cut it down if you need something shorter.

Portable Trellis


Portable Trellis

The portable trellis is small enough that you can store it indoors during the winter. You can also relocate it when you change your garden layout.

3 Step Garden Trellis


3 Step Garden Trellis


Bamboo or Tree Limb Teepee Trellis


Bamboo Teepee Trellis

If you would like more information about species of bamboo that would grow well in your area, visit the American Bamboo Society website. At the bottom of their site, you will find a link for each region.

More Garden Trellis Ideas

Make a cedar and bamboo trellis

How to make a bamboo trellis


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  1. Mike W Davis says

    Great review– I trellis with the fence and we even have one o;d bed springs against the wall of a solid wooden fence–we have a coup;e tomatos we trellis because they are so viney. cucumbers are also trellied. we really helps in the earwig and slug problem, and causing a rot ,because they don”t touch the ground. Thats for the up date on this– always can use a reminder and new ideas.

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